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M U S E U M   &   V I S I T O R   C E N T E R

Our museum is a 1200 sqft., newly renovated space housing more than 2000 artifacts that showcase the rich history and culture of Gila Bend and the surrounding region. The Gila Bend Museum is a testament to life in the wild west desert.

The museum presents the story of the Great Bend of the Gila River, beginning with the Papago people (known today as the Tohono O'odham), the mining and ranching communities that followed, and the advancement of modern life in Gila Bend.

An affiliated Arizona Office of Tourism Visitor Center, travelers can expect to find information
about any of the four regions of our amazing State, as well as destination information about
Gila Bend.

Our friendly attendants will be happy to help you plan your adventure!

The Visitor Center is located next to Town Hall at 644 West Pima Street. 

Visitor Center Hours

Mon - Fri 8AM - 4PM

Mon - Fri, access to the Visitor's Center and the Gila Bend Museum is through the Town Hall Lobby.

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